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  • Interview & Presentation The Autist

    By rock-metal-network, 2016-05-12
    Interview & Presentation The Autist
    We would like you present @the-autist

    We proudly present you a short interview and band presentation:

    Where are you from and what’s the origin of your band/artist name?

    The Autist is a portuguese music project. Once I was talking to a friend about being an Autist and he explained me this delicate condition. I was curious on how these people are smart and how they project their own world in their own mind Despite the controversy that's implicit on the term I loved the concept of a person which lives inside its own mind. I also thought the name to be powerful and appealing so I decided to go along with it. Introduce shortly your band members and history Pedro Remiz: Basically long story short; I love playing guitar and it all started with this motivation to create beautiful music. 2 years ago I decided that I should produce a project based on a groovy approach so we could take it live. I conceive rythm as a really important part of music so I obviously needed a drummer that would fill this very important gap and that's when I invited Emidio Ramos. I thought melody is a keypart of this and felt it was important to bring another guitarist and keyboardist to lay a certain atmosphere and that's when I discovered Tatiana Lima and Fábio Pires - guitar and keyboardist respectively. Then the project lacked 2 voices; one more angelic and another more harsh. That's when Sara Henriques and João Prim tagged along. Altogether we are The Autist.

    What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?

    We usually like to say we're groovy but more than anything we're connected to a metal world that has little boundaries. We love heavy stuff and some post-industrial things. Sometimes we enjoy classical music. But it's the mix between all these little things that create what we are.

    What are the main themes or topics for your songs?

    I'd say we go for themes like quantum love and how we are stardust. There's something that makes some people different and chemistry is a very precise thing to happen. We focus on the subject of being part of a memory and how this creates the roads we walk - the teleological perspective of a destiny or a final purpose. There's also a main character on the centre of our universe that's called Pandora which is the biggest inspiration for someone who attained a vision of the paradise but then came back to the hell that earth is. After all It's the path of one to achieve eternity and perfection on a world where imperfection rules.

    Where have you already performed and do you have any upcoming shows?

    For now we're just focused on composing The Coldest Sun - the debut album. We played some shows already but only after the first album we'll be more active promoting what we've done.

    Any last words?

    Thank you so much rock metal network essence for this opportunity.
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    Interview & Presentation Stage of Reality

    By rock-metal-network, 2016-04-06
    Interview & Presentation Stage of Reality

    We would like to present you @stageof-reality




    We proudly present you a short interview and band presentation:

    RMN:Where are you from and what’s the origin of your band/artist name?

    Andy: We are from Rome (IT) , our name origins come from the need to make a project which could speak about the so called "third side of the story". It was 2013 and I was back from touring with Blaze Bayley (Iron maiden - Wolfsbane). I started to write new music and I suddenly realized I got an album in front of me: in less than one month I wrote 10 songs and they were almost completed and arranged. I started with the album and then came the band name, I didn't want to call it "Andrea Neri's Project" or some bullshit like that so I started to chose among names which could match also with the album title: "The Breathing Machines". 
    The album speak about a dystopian future where everybody's tastes and opinions are annihilated by television and where human being is reduced to live like a bunch of breathing machines.
    So I decided for Stage of Reality. The stage where the reality is played, like a comedy, like a theater play. Nothing is real.
    Everybody lives on his own stage and every day he tells bullshits to himself just to keep on going, accepting the truth as it is described by the media.

    RMN:Introduce shortly your band members and history

    Andy: I'm Andrea Neri (guitar), I worked with the prog band Astarte Syriaca until 2012. I worked for Blaze Bayley on his The King of Metal album and then I was on tour with him all over Europe for three months.
    On vocals we got Damiano Borgi. He's studying at conservatory of music, he started really young to sing on very important places like Sanremo and musicals like Notre Dame de Paris.
    On the other guitar we got Bernardo Nardini who is the best guitar player I've ever worked with. He got a lot of professional experiences in all sort of music genres, from irish music to blues, from pop to hard rock.
    On bass guitar we got Marco Polizzi, he's taking care of our next album: he's music producer, sound engineer and extreme "slapper"... His thumb and slap technique on bass gives an original sound to our songs and it brings them to a crossover funky world. He got a lot of different experences too: from pop music to prog metal stuff.
    Last but not least we got Daniele Michelacci on drums: a machine!!! He worked in a lot of different bands and he's charcterised by a tough touch... almost like an earthquake!!!

    RMN:What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?

    Andy: well.... this is a difficult one. After a year on social media we sorted out that people use to say that we play something like a hard rock kind of music mixed with progressive and alternative metal. But I still don't know how to describe us.
    Our major influences are too much and too different. I personally listen to a lot of different music. Lately my favorite metal artists are Alterbridge, Five Fingers Death Punch and Rob Zombie.


    RMN:What are the main themes or topics for your songs?

    Andy: the new album we are working on speaks about our personal stages of reality. Our ways to hide reality, our dark sides of the moon.
    But it will speak also about the way we see the world around us, the way we believe to everyday news like if they were true only because they are on TV.
    Our next album is called Stage of Reality and it will give the world our idea of poverty, wars, pollution, dignity, power and politicians.

    RMN:Where have you already performed and  do you have any upcoming shows?

    Andy: We perfomed mostly in Italy and last year we had a small tour in Spain, we are working on somethign bigger in Europe and we would like to come to US ASAP, because a lot of our followers live there. But it's not so easy right now.

    RMN:Any last words?

    Andy: Yeah! Thank you for the opportunity you give the bands to speak about their own music, I think it's important.
    On july we'll release a third single from our next album. Dont' forget to listen to our first two singles Dignity and Never and have a look to www.stageofreality.com. Thanks for supporting us!!!


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