Neues Sober Truth Album

By rock-metal-network, 2017-02-22
Neues Sober Truth Album

Das vierte Studioalbum von @sober-truth, produziert von TaktArt, bietet seinen Hörern über einen Zeitraum von 46 Min. eine abwechslungsreiche Reise durch unterschiedlichste Stimmungen und interessante Inhalte. Die Texte behandeln unter anderem Themen über die eigene Realität, die Wahrnehmung des eigenen Umfeldes und der Hinterfragung des eigenen Handelns.

Auszug aus dem Titel „Leave the Locust in the Lunatic Asylum“ Es werden Themen wie das „Prokrastinieren“ und fragwürdige Lebensziele angesprochen. Dieses Album beantwortet keine Fragen. Es ermutigt jedoch zum Weiterdenken und lässt bewusst viel Freiraum für eigene Interpretationen. Musikalisch lassen sich die neuen Werke nicht leicht in genretypische Schubladen einordnen.

Dieses Album ist das Ergebnis einer kleinen „bandinternen“ musikalischen Evolution und besiedelt vorsichtig den Raum des Prog Groove Metal. Die Kombination von melancholisch gehaltvollen Klängen, energetisch durchschlagenden Gitarrenriffs und einem treibenden Schlagzeug erinnern an Bereiche des Progressive Rock/Metal, Groove Metal und Thrash Metal. Daneben bereichern dezent eingesetzte Streichorchester, Chöre und andere Samples das Klangbild. Jeder der 12 Tracks möchte eine eigene Geschichte erzählen. Eines kann man mit Gewissheit sagen: Die Reise geht weiter…

Artist: @Sober-Truth | Release Date:  February 2017

Genre: prog groove metal | Produced By: TaktArt | Price: 12€

+++ Presale Link Sober Truth Shop 2.0 +++

Locust Lunatic Asylum | Trackliste

  1. Introduction
  2. Leave the Locust in the Lunatic Asylum
  3. Paragon
  4. Murphys Law
  5. Powergenerator
  6. Welcome to Majula
  7. Collapse
  8. My Enemy
  9. Layer of Self
  10. Procrastination
  11. Cold Chapter
  12. Sober

Support Classic Alien Invasion

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Viper Arms - Black Aura

By rock-metal-network, 2017-02-21
Viper Arms - Black Aura

Balancing comfortably between rock and hard rock, this female fronted crew from Finland delivers a varied selection of intense hammering and atmospheric melodies. Viper Arms brings you eleven tracks of melancholic energy on their long anticipated debut album.

Viper Arms has been known in their hometown Turku for years. The band does not bow to any particular music genre, the Viper Arms crew being a haphazard bunch of musicians with varied influences that very much differ from one another. This diversity adds up to a dark yet energetic rock 'n' roll, sprinkled with lyrics about lust, loneliness and despair.

The current line-up formed in 2016 and started recording the debut album, Black Aura. The name refers to the band's dark lyrics and also to the hometown of Viper Arms, divided by the Aura river. As the river, some songs on Black Aura are roaring rapids, while others flow through silent waters.

The band's comment on Black Aura:

”For us, making a full-length album has always been an important milestone. Some songs on Black Aura are from the very beginning of the Viper Arms era, others were composed just months before we started recording the album. Our music is a way of unleashing our inner darkness, our Black Aura.”

Release date: March 3rd 2017
Label: Concorde Music Company / V.R label

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Grá to Release 'Ramsvarta Tankar' CD-Single in March

By rock-metal-network, 2017-02-20
Grá to Release 'Ramsvarta Tankar' CD-Single in March

Grá moves on from their previously Charon-themed releases and gives birth to a new era. The new single called Ramsvarta Tankar will be released on the 24th of March 2017 by Carnal Records. It is a new beginning and shows the band's ability to develop and increase in force as the world is heading towards the end. The single also includes a cover of Lord Belial's "Osculum Obscenum."

Together with the new single comes a new and improved line-up. Heljarmadr, Dimman and Maugrim are now joined by Natt (ex-Horde of Hel, ex-Dark Funeral, ex-Withershin) on guitars and Vediger (ex-Diabolic Lust, ex-Symphony of Malice) on bass. A new night is born, darker than the night before.


1. Ramsvarta Tankar
2. Osculum Obscenum (Lord Belial cover)

Grá was founded in 2010 by Heljarmadr (Dark Funeral, Cursed 13, ex-Domgård) and Dimman (Spazmosity, Cursed 13, When Nothing Remains) and have since released two albums, two EPs, a digital single, several videos and have a reputation as a fierce and breathtaking live band. The name Grá comes from a mixture of the Icelandic "grár" and the Swedish "grå", simply meaning "gray."

Heljarmadr - Vocals
Dimman - Drums
Maugrim - Guitars
Natt - Guitars
Vediger - Bass


Grá - Helfärd EP (2010 SonicDeath Armageddon Records)
Grá - Grá CD (2011 Unexploded Records)
Grá - Necrology of the Witch EP (2013 Unexploded Records)
Grá - Where Shadows Dwell DIGITAL SINGLE (2014 Unexploded Records)
Grá - Split w Gnosis of the Witch 7" SINGLE (2015 Iron Bonehead Productions)
Grá - Ending CD/LP (2015 Unexploded Records)
Grá - Ramsvarta Tankar CDSINGLE (2017 Carnal Records)

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CRAVEN IDOL premiere "A Ripping Strike"

By rock-metal-network, 2017-02-20
CRAVEN IDOL premiere "A Ripping Strike"

CRAVEN IDOL has tapped No Clean Singing for the exclusive premiere of "A Ripping Strike," the first track to be released off the band's forthcoming new album, The Shackles of Mammon.

"A Ripping Strike" is exactly what fans of London's premium old-school extreme metal force - ruthless blackened thrash. The band comments on the song:

"'A Ripping Strike' summons the spirits of Poison (Ger), Sodom, and Bathory, with a dose of Gospel Of The Horns thrown in. It's a forlorn tale of revenge, of a last stand, and of darkest defeat. Being the first track we wrote, it is the founding pillar on which the sonic matter on our second album, The Shackles Of Mammon was wrought. A fierce attack of uncompromising old school extreme metal. The track features ferocious debut performances from two new band members, Heretic Blades (drums) and Obscenitor (guitar, also of Crom Dubh)."

The Shackles of Mammon will be released April 14 on LP, CD, and MC via Dark Descent Records.

Pre-order the album now at

CRAVEN IDOL live dates:

April 8th - London @ Black Heart
April 15th - Glasgow @ North Of The Wall Fest
May 15th - London @ Underworld w/ Nifelheim

Vrath - Vocals, Guitars
Obscenitor - Guitar
Suspiral - Bass
Heretic Blades - Drums

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MORDBRAND Unleashes Swedish Death with New Album Stream

MORDBRAND will release new album Wilt through Carnal Records on February 24. This ferocious beast is a showcase of diverse Death Metal mastery!

A lyric video for new song "Delivering the Gods" is available at this location.

MORDBRAND comments: "We are very pleased with collaborating with Carnal Records this time around. Not only do we hold the label in such high regard due to their astonishing back catalogue, but we also recognize their professional approach and kinship. This album marks a new beginning for the band and we've really taken things up to a new level."

Wilt was mixed and mastered by Lawrence Mackrory. Artwork by Nathalie Ziegler and layout by Łukasz Jaszak. A vinyl LP version of Wilt is also in the works. Stay tuned!

"Possessed by the spirit of Swedish death metal but not content to just channel what's been done in spades before. The result is Mordbrand's best release yet."
- No Clean Singing

"In pure death metal fashion Wilt is a thrashing and head caving release from beginning to end, never pausing for a second to let you catch your breath."
- Cadaver Garden


1. Bleed into Nought
2. Delivering the Gods
3. Worship Predation
4. At the Larvae Column
5. Throes of Glorious Death
6. To Pursue Damnation
7. Venomous Myrrh
8. Wilt
9. Give in to Oblivion

Photo Credit: Lukasz Jaszak

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Critically acclaimed rock band Royal Thunder have debuted the much-anticipated first song from their new album WICK, out April 7 via new label Spinefarm Records.

"A lot has happened in life between Crooked Doors and WICK. This song was a life raft and an outlet while we were on the road. It was a song that we lived in and looked forward to playing, live. Personally, it gave me the freedom to release my emotions and process my thoughts while I was on the road. We hope you enjoy this song. And we appreciate your support, sincerely. We present to you....April Showers." – Mlny Parsonz

WICK finds Royal Thunder at their creative summit. It's a deeply personal, introspective effort, bolstered by monolithic riffing and the sort of lyrics and vocals that sear themselves into your brain... permanently.

The track listing and cover art for WICK are available below...

1. Burning Tree
2. April Showers
3. Tied
4. We Slipped
5. The Sinking Chair
6. Plans
7. Anchor
9. Push
10. Turnaround
11. The Well
12. We Never Fell Asleep


Josh Weaver - Guitar
Mlny Parsonz- Vocals, Bass, Piano
Evan Diprima - Drums, Percussion
Will Fiore – Guitar

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