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We would like to present you @OBSIDIANKEY

We proudly present you a short interview and band presentation:

RMN: Where are you from and what’s the origin of your band name?

OBSIDIANKEY: Hello everyone, this is Paolo (aka Sonic V). Obsidian Key is a Progressive Rock Metal music project I founded in Brighton (UK), after I wrote some songs for a possible solo-album. The name “Obsidian Key” was chosen because of the obsidian stone which is formed from a powerful natural event (when the lava of a volcano falls straight into the sea water and, solidifying very quickly, forms a stone similar to crystal and that can have different colours, but is mostly black). Also, the Obsidian Key is a mythological key from some medieval story or book I have read somewhere and it was thought it was the key to the mythological underworld (the forbidden domain), so, the name represent both the really Metal side of the Project and the progressive side and felt just right for the songs already written.

RMN: Introduce shortly your band members and history

OBSIDIANKEY: Obsidian Key is mostly a one man band, where I play all the instruments and write all the songs, but I also enjoy to collaborate with my friends and artists from all over the world, so each song usually has one or more featured artists (please check this link for all the details about featured artists on the new album “LOUD!” ) For what concern my history, it’s quite simple, I play music since I was 11 years old and I come from a family where music was really really important and both my mum and dad had their favourite music genres as well as my grandpa was a musician in an orchestra in Italy from where I come from.














RMN: What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?

OBSIDIANKEY: Generally speaking Obsidian Key sound is associated with Progressive Rock Metal, but, probably, a better definition would be "Free Rock", this because there is not the aim of pursuing musical innovation at any cost as the core of Progressive Rock philosophy seems to be all about (source: multiple articles, books and interviews from the bands of the 70s who actually invented the genre of Progressive Rock). I enjoy to experiment with new technologies and mixing up multiple music genres and forms, but the aim at the core of Obsidian Key music is more “the fun of doing it” than seeking for new forms of music and such. The isn't a "world-domination” plan behind Obsidian Key LOL, it is all about the music and having fun while composing it in a creative manner. The influences behind the music are so many that it would take a full book to list them all. It’s actually more fun to have people listening Obsidian Key's music and let me know which influences they have found in it, we keep a list of influences found by our fans and listeners on the official website (so, everyone is free to let us know which influences they have found in Obsidian Key music and our webmaster will add it to the official list!) here you can read our fan/listeners “official list of influences":

RMN: What are the main themes or topics for your songs?

OBSIDIANKEY: Obsidian Key music is all about freedom of almost everything LOL, the music per-se is actually a free form of music composition (on some songs I don’t even repeat the chorus twice, and in some tracks I used "Composition Through" form so it starts in a way and ends in a complete different one with no repetitions whatsoever LOL). Lyrics are about every day life and everyone life’s experience, social and, also when lyrics are of Fantasy nature (or sci-fy) they still tend to talk about everyone’s life.The truth is, I don’t really care about Music Business as a driving force for music composition/production. Nowadays, far too many songs sound like a "planned business project”. This is ok, no complains, but it’s just not my thing really. Moreover, with the almost complete death of music industry, why bother about music business as driving force for music composition?

RMN: Where have you already performed and  do you have any upcoming shows?

OBSIDIANKEY: Given the "one man band" nature (for now) of the project there are no shows planned, but I am actively seeking for band members who share the love for music and the philosophy of the project, so, maybe, there will be even touring at some point, at least I really hope so, ‘cause I can’t wait to play my music live for all the thousands of fans that actively support the project on the internet from all over the world!

RMN: Any last words?

OBSIDIANKEY: Thank you very much for this opportunity, it really means a lot to me, I mean it. And yes, I have some last words for all the amazing new (or indie) Prog Rock/Metal bands out there, every time I get played on a radio show (and there are many who plays Obsidian Key music now) I have the opportunity to discover tons of amazing Prog Rock and Metal bands out there, it’s really really exciting, and I wish to all those bands great success, and I wish to ask to who is reading this to give those independent radios a listen because there are so many amazing bands being played there and many really deserve a listen! I Also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who gave me a bit of their time listening my music and supporting it so much, it feels amazing! Keep on (prog) rocking everyone! :)

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